Assemblies for UHP gas systems

Teesing Systems designs, sources and assemble sub-systems for ultra high purity gases, ranging from gas cabinets, manifolds, skids and assemblies consisting purifiers and filters.

  • Design, source and assembly.
  • Leak tests, TOC tests, particle tests in ISO 4 cleanroom.
  • Exotic materials to withstand exotic chemicals.
  • Extensive knowledge on clean design.

Liquid thermal management systems

Precise and reliable control of flows. Leakfree and clean. Vibration resistant and immune to corrosion.

  • Hose assemblies.
  • Coolant quality control units.
  • Electronics cooling circuits.
  • Polyfluor components if needed.

Purifier & filter skids

Typically sold as an assembly including regulators and valves. In other cases as stand-alone vessel. Additionally, we offer purifier regeneration that will set your purifier back to factory specifications.

  • Output impurities better than 100 ppt (9N output at 5N input).
  • All typical gases and impurities covered.
  • Fast regeneration: no "dangerous goods" air freight.
  • Flows ranging from point-of-use to bulk gas infrastructure.

Supply chain services & regeneration

We add value to your supply chain by being a long term reliable partner. We know what challenges comakers face in the ever demanding high-tech sector. 

  • Stockkeeping, VMI, EDI
  • Service part kits.
  • End-of-life management.
  • Custom part numbers and labeling.