Development stages

We offer added value to OEM or co-maker product development processes for gas and liquid systems. In situations where standardization is mandatory.

  • Independent advise on standard UHP parts for gas and liquid systems.
  • Engineering on fit for purpose parts
  • Sourcing partners to "Built to spec".
  • Co-engineering & prototyping
  • Clean design validation.
  • Review sub-system design & component selection

Manufacturing stage

Once your product has a finished state and gone into production, we partner with our customers on different levels. Together we ensure continuity of production and maintain the highest level of quality.

  • Stockkeeping, Vendor Managed Inventory, EDI
  • Dedicated OTIF team
  • Keep buffer to ramp up
  • Timely managed end-of-life
  • Co-manufacturing
  • ISO 4 cleanroom assembly

Operation and service stage

When your machines are operational with your customers, we stay alongside with a strong partnership.

  • Installation manuals & technical training onsite for OEM and co-makers.
  • Inspection tooling for calibration and validation.
  • Quality audits.
  • Providing brand independent component alternatives in case of poor availability.
  • Participate in re-use programs.
  • Provide direct local support in Asia, US and Europe to OEM and co-makers.