Usually sold as an assembly with regulators and valves. In other cases, as a stand-alone vessel.

  • Impurity better than 100 ppt output.
  • Long duty cycle - ultra fine granulate.
  • 9N output purity at 5N input purity.
  • Very large range of flows: from 0.1 slpm up to 20 nm3/u.

Whatever your process gases and contaminants, we always have the right purifier technology to get your gas up to specifications:

  • Heated getter
  • Reactive catalyst
  • Catalytic
  • Adsorber

Regeneration of purifiers 

Purifiers for medium to large flows are dual vessel and automatic self-regenerating. Point-of-use purfifiers however, will need regeneration. Our regeneration lab will bring your purifiers back to factory specifications.

  • Save 60-70% on the cost of purifiers.
  • Same specifications as new purifiers.
  • Fast regeneration in Europe: no "dangerous goods" air freight.
  • Drop-in replacement: uninterrupted process gas.

Tested for H2O content before and after regeneration. TOC measurement possible. Lead time of approx. 1 week.

UHP filters up to 1,5nm

Particle filters are part of our purifiers at the inlet. But any UHP uses filters and flow restrictors. Our sintered metal particle filters are available to meet stringent requirements for the removal of particles in process gases.

  • Wide range of flows. Standard drop-in types and custom developed metal printed shapes.
  • Proven effectiveness and efficiency down to a particle size of 1.5 nm.
  • Reliable performance, easy to clean, long service life.
  • Very efficient at removing particles.

Usually designed as part of an assembly with controllers and valves.